QRAS & QSense

The new generation rehabilitation system &
Cognitive impairment evaluation assistant

About QRAS

Most of the current physical therapy interventions provided after stroke focus only on acute phase and subacute phase, and chronic phase is not included.

QRAS is the rehabilitation system that combines theory-based games and specially made robot that Biomdcare developed to offer stroke patients with a whole new rehabilitation experience.

About QSense

Each cognitive impairment cases are unique and they can be categorized into a few stages of severity which is Mild Cognitive Impairment(MCI), mild, moderate and severe dementia stages.

A set of digital treatment course or training program that are designed to provide cognitive stimulation will be prescribed to the patient once an evaluation has been done.

Brain wave activity during the treatment course will be analyzed and provided as a feedback information thus to further enhance the treatment progress.

Eventually, a comprehensive evaluation report such as ADL, IADL, MMSE, and FAB will be prepared after the patient has complete the treatment program.