Photonics and
Image Big Data Solutions

Achieve what you didn’t know you could


Biomdcare brought bio-researchers series of selected products fulfilling frontier experiment and data solutions.

Native Super-resolution confocal systems

Series of Light Microscopy for Inverted/ side illuminated/ up-illuminated applications

CLEM system providing SEM and Fluorescence image seamlessly and instantaneously

Stable HCS microscopy system for small model organism/ cell-base screening applications

Unprecedented image big data solution enabling ultra high speed image data storing and processing


by Luxendo

Teamed up with scientists in EMBL, Luxendo has developed a series of SPIM (a.k.a. light sheet) automatic microscopy for biologists to imaging sensitive samples requiring ultra-high speed and low photon toxicity.

Its unique inverted SPIM provides a friendly environment for living cell research, and the stable and auto calibration system design offers an ideal user environment.


by Delmic

Built by a team of scientist in AMOLF and Delft University of Tech., SECOM is a unique integrated solution for correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM). With highest optical quality and overlay accuracy.

SECOM is the only device providing SEM and Fluorescence image seamlessly and instantaneously. Supporting variant SEM, researchers can easily upgrade existing system to CLEM applications.


by Acquifer

Concentrate with HCS solutions. Teamed up with biologist and photonics scientist, IM4 is built to perform automatic microscopy system for small model organism/ cell-base screening applications.

IM4 comes with unique designed architecture, sample secured with high stability environment to ensure a reliable, and maximum data reproducibility platform.

Rescan Confocal Microscopic (RCM)


Developed by scientist in University of Amsterdam, RCM pushes confocal technology to near super-resolution to 170nm with pure optical engineering.

Open architecture for applying with variant microscopes and Lasers, RCM provides a high quality yet cost-effective solution for confocal microscopy.