About DataSense

In the field of biology and medical research, a large number of huge and precious data will be produced, and the management and storing of these data is a major problem we face. It acts as the core of the lab that helps it integrate all the workflows and data into an easy and manageable platform.

DataSense aims to effectively manage the files produced by each equipment in the lab, so that the lab personnel can keep their precious time focus on the experiments instead of trivial tasks.

Beyond The Powerful Hardware…

Designed for laboratory with flexibility, and capable to support the data science computing requirements of your team.

Best workstation for lab researchers and medical professionals, Assist you to integrate data to a low-maintenance data center.

Plug and Play - Suits for every equipment for precision medicine field, especially in digital pathology & liquid biopsy analysis.

Lowest IT management cost to maintain your data.

Backup automatically & Actively remind if any storage drive.

Incredibly high transfer speed up to 16 Gbps with high quality.

Stunningly quiet.

Remote management - Boosting productivity even from home.