Cervical Cancer Screening kit

About Cervical Cancer Screening kit

Cervical Cancer AI Screening Assistant can assist clinical medical laboratory scientists to more accurately screen out specimens with abnormal lesions and reduce the false negative rate of manual reading slides. And to improve the efficiency of reading slides, allowing more women to receive Pap smears, reducing the burden on medical inspection units, and improving the quality of domestic medical care. This product will be imported into domestic and foreign markets to benefit and protect women's health.

Product Feature

Support multiple microscope brands: Zeiss, Leica, Olympus, 3DHistech, Hamamatus, Philips etc.

Shorten the time-consuming pap-smear examining time

Improve analysis efficiency

Decrease false negative rate

Our Customer

Cardinal Tien Hospital, Taiwan

Taipei Municipal Wan Fang Hospital ( Managed by Taipei Medical University ), Taiwan

Taicheng Cell Therapy Center, Taiwan