Meta Trial

Self-developed Clinical Trial Accelerator

About Meta Trial

  • Micmic your research idea in virtual without time consuming process
  • Huge flexibility in research design
  • Easier for doctors and researchers to validate their design and plan for the next step
  • Based on real-world evidence

Huge amounts of data require powerful tools to truly utilize the value of data. AI-assisted X1 Analysis combines medical data analysis and research workflow methodology, research data can be effectively collected and processed, thereby filtering and providing accurate results.

Product Feature

Causality analysis

In addition to general correlation analysis, X1 Analysis can analyze the data sequence and find out the causal relationship between different events.

Simple and fast research design

The interface, input, and settings are all based on user experience and research design. Easy to learn, easy to use.

ICD9 / ICD10 automatic definition

Built-in automatic ICD9 / ICD10 function, and can customize the exposure/outcome factor combination.

6000+ Chinese disease models

Built-in 6000+ Chinese disease models for users.

Diverse clinical research methods of evidence-based medicine

Built-in commonly used clinical research method modules such as Cohort and Case Control, and provide corresponding statistical analysis methods for selection according to the modules.

Automatic statistical analysis

After completing the research design and data, you can start running statistical analysis with one click.

Generate result charts automatically

Statistical analysis results will be automatically generated into figures that can be used in research papers.