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About QCheck Solution

From automated physical health examinations to the integration of various examination data and providing complete health indicators, QCheck assists medical care institutions to create a new generation of health examinations.

Product Feature

Fast and accurate

QCheck can complete multiple physical examinations within five minutes, which serves as the basis for follow-up medical intervention care.

Vital signs detection

The QCheck vital signs detection module can assist in obtaining data such as pulse and respiration.

Body mass analysis

The QCheck body mass analysis module can obtain various health indicators of the body within a minute, including body water content, bone weight, muscle mass and other data.

Sarcopenia disease indicator module

The QCheck sarcopenia disease indicator module can examine the three major indicators of sarcopenia screening: muscle mass, muscle strength, and physical performance, to assist doctors in the diagnosis and tracking of sarcopenia.

Disease indicators

QCheck integrates and analyzes the body data obtained by each module and presents it in the form of various disease indicators, making the report simple and easy to read.