X1 Imaging

The AI image analyzing tool at your fingertips

About X1 Imaging

Comprehensive functional software developed for medical image recognition. Contains a variety of functional modules to meet the needs of image import, AI labeling and training, AI model transferring, AI model import, AI image recognition, AI model management, etc. You can also customize the software according to your needs.

Product Feature

One-stop tool

On X1 Imaging, you can complete the integration of image importing, labeling, selecting, training, transferring, identifying and managing models, etc.

Support multiple image formats

Suppor t multiple medical image formats of microscopes:Zeiss, Leica, Olympus,3DHistech,Hamamatsu, Philips etc.

Ultra large image data calculation

Even images up to tens of billions of pixels can be easily read and processed.

AI model training and import

The AI model can be trained by X1 Imaging, or the AI model that has been trained can be loaded directly to start the analysis.

System integration

It can be fully integrated with Biomedica's PatientSense, making it more intuitive to create and maintain complete patient information.

Low-resource computing

The self-developed AI technology has a unique low-resource computing feature, which can carry out AI training even if the amount of data is small, which improves the possibility of real application of AI.